Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storyboard Feedback

Today i have my presentation on my preliminary ideas for my final narrative, i presented my idea traditionally on paper to tie n with my theme of animationing traditionally.
some Feedback recieved was to perhaps include breadcrumbs for the ending such as symbols or emblems indicating what the character enjoys, give more reasoning for why actions occur such as a barrier or blockage in his way!


  1. With your drawing skills it should come out great! Be good to see a skate film like this!

  2. I liked the way the story had changed from the first ideas. The fact that the skater is in conflict with the environment until he finds his wheels and then the whole outlook chages is a strong story base. Your pitch was strong in that you chose a traditional pin up board and responded well to ideas and comments. Ithink just speaking the story out loud made it grow a bit stronger.