Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to be a loser!


  1. Epic pose! Looks like he is about to do a cock push-up, I like it how he gets up and close. It doesn't seam like you animated the subtext, which was him trying to inspire the kids, remember, yeah you remember that, good boy. But it looks like a great hook, LEE LEE LEE LEE, I had abest frined named LEE, he cast, he cast a spell on me!

  2. Great pose! You really pushed this one to the extreme. Its really in your face. Great expressions too.

  3. What I like about this posing exercise is the strong aesthetic applied to the animation principle of staging, or the cinematographic principle of framing. It makes for a strongly composed image.

    The strength of this pose is that the facial expressions are brought forward and the psychological gesture is dominant. There is an appealing tilt in the shoulders, which is enhanced by the position of the left knee.

    I like that the thumb shape runs into the eyebrow shape in an appealing curve.

    The pose could be improved by tilting the head toward the hand a bit more to work in opposite action to the shoulder tilt. Then tilting the hand very subtly toward the head to take the general shape off the vertical axis.

    The lowest body torso segment could be adjusted to enhance the line of action through the body and eliminate the jagged edges of them being too much out of alignment (Max needs a chiropracter).

    Your artistic struggle resulted in some good work.